What They're Saying...

As my longest standing referral partner, Maile has taught me how to network effectively, with passion and focus. 2012 was my best year yet, with a 37% increase in revenue over 2011. She is a star!

Brian A. Ripley
Law Office of Brian A. Ripley

"Less than 6 months ago I started working with Maile, then I thought my referral business was more work than I had time for. Now I see with the steps we have gone through, all these years I missed so much. My referral business has grown over 30% in the last few months not to mention my personal growth I have experienced. Working with Maile is one of my best business decisions." 

Michel Gnutzman
The Home Mag

When I met Maile I quickly saw how committed she was to working synergistically together to building referrals for life. I was thrilled that I didn't have to do it all by myself. She has taught me how to build rich relationships with people I like, who have similar values and passion.  Maile's coaching has equipped me with skillful knowledge and the tools I need to create powerful and meaningful referral partners. I now possess the tools I need to invest in building my business by referrals for life.

I enrolled in January 2014 as a “Referral For Life” and immersed myself in the process and within twelve weeks of working with Maile, Essential Wellness sales volume increased by 40%. 

I am thankful for Maile and the Referral Institute as this journey has blessed me in so many ways.  I have true clarity on who I really am and how I want to share my gifts and talents.

Deborah Dustman
Essential Wellness. doTERRA

“Before I took the Referral Institute classes with Maile I had joined BNI but wasn't getting any referrals. When I sat down with Maile she had some exceptionally compelling arguments for creating a system around referral marketing. It all made perfect sense but I had concerns about the time commitment, the financial investment, and to be candid I thought I had networking and referral marketing down. I decided to trust the system and chose the Referrals for Life program. It has been our BEST MARKETING INVESTMENT to date. The classes are fun and I was able to spend significantly less time getting better financial results. When I took the Certified Networker program I realized that I lacked tools to drive consistent referrals. Not only have I learned an incredible amount but Maile has also helped to train my referral partners to be more effective at sending me referrals. The entire process was an utter revelation that has resulted in a 700% return on my BNI investment in 90 days and I am spending less time driving that business. I know that it always seems like there isn't a good time but jump in even if it seems like the time or finances are right, it will be the best marketing decision you have ever made."

Rebecca Walker
Cambiati Wellness Programs

“Maile is truly an expert in referral marketing. After taking her Certified Networker course, I was able to create my first Referral Marketing plan which I was able to put into action right away. Because I intend to grow my business by referral, I also decided to sign up as a Referrals for Life client.

I am already seeing the results of my referral marketing efforts. As an example, when I did my 7 minute presentation at our BNI chapter telling my Emotionally Charged Connection (ECC), I received quite a few e-mails from our members wanting to start my fitness program. I never had such a response like that before and I feel that this is truly magnetic marketing at work!

I highly recommend Maile if you plan on growing your business by referral and work smarter, not harder.”

Anna Dornier, Owner
Transform FX Fitness

“Before joining the Certified Networker® program, my business life seemed as if it was going faster than I could handle. Almost like too much was on my plate.

“The program enabled me to work on ‘chunks’ of my plan and put focus on more specific areas of my plan – it allowed me to clarify areas of my plan, make some projects more stream-lined, and prevented me from wasting time spinning my wheels.

“Maile brought out excitement that was buried under everything that was piled on my plate. She provided valuable tools I wish I had many years ago when originally starting my business. I highly recommend this course to find the right path for success.”

Kristin Kohs, Owner
The Sanctuary

“I took the Certified Networker® and Target Market programs from Referral Institute® Contra Costa and Maile Collmer. Through the 12 week program I was able to focus my business specifically on referrals and word of mouth. Through this program, I grew my business and closed over $250,000 of new business directly connected to the work of mouth process I was learning. Thank you!”

David Joud, Executive Coach

“Maile Collmer walks her talk. She has been a top referral for other people and I already see her build her business through referrals!!!!

I got great value during the very first workshop that I attended for 'Certified Networker'! I was able to come up with my emotional charged message and give a talk later on during that week with the material that I came up during the workshop. So many people have come forward and expressed the WANT and the NEED to work me because of that talk. It's the simple things that can make a big difference and Maile's expertise is to point out those things.

You simply cannot afford to miss her programs and implement them. You will experience great returns over and over!!!”

Gurpreet Kaur, Owner
Kaur Photography



John Heart
Vocal Sales Mastery

Maile Collmer and the Referral Institute have been a real boon to my business. I first met Maile as I was transitioning from a high-expense marketing program to a more referral-based business. After attending a complimentary class by Maile and Dawn Lyons I knew the Referral Institute had the plan for me. I am now taking Maile’s Certified Networker program and am finding it really helpful in getting me moving forward with my goals. The classes are well organized and the program makes sense. As a residential remodeling contractor I don’t have a great deal of extra time; the pace of the class and the work between classes has been just right for my schedule.

I highly recommend Maile; she is extremely qualified, very knowledgeable, well organized and a good presenter. This is a program that you should take advantage of if you want to move to a more referral-based business.

Howard Robbins, Owner
Howard Robbins Construction Company

“Certified Networker® provided me with a methodology and set of tools to bring my networking and my business to the next level. During the course of the program, I rewrote my mission statement, got clear about my target market, learned new ways to promote my business, learned how to motivate my referral partners, and I’m now implementing my new referral marketing plan. I highly recommend Certified Networker® to business owners who could benefit from increased referrals.”

Cecilia Gunning
Cecilia Gunning Interior Design

I thoroughly enjoyed taking The Referral Institute's Target Market Class! The class provided me with effective tools that I can implement quickly on how I can clearly identify who my target audience is. Even more, I was able to learn how to incorporate new ideas about my company that differentiates me from my competitors while staying true to my core values. This class is truly one that you cannot pass up on if you want to be successful in your business!

June Sablan, Owner
Stonewear Jewelry

BNI is great, yet I didn’t feel my business was growing the way I wanted. I wasn’t clear about what I needed to do differently. One of my chapter members had such extraordinary growth as a result of the Certified Networker program, that I realized taking it was NOT optional if I was really serious about my business. I got money from my equity line of credit and have no regrets.

As a result of participating fully in the program, I have a well-defined target market, effective strategies I’m using to build my business, and have been developing referral partnerships with specific people who are committed to the process. I’ve already seen a return on my investment in business as well as confidence about how to increase my business success.

Sydney Metrick, PhD
Artful Coaching

“Maile taught me techniques that are so easy to implement, even in my busy schedule. I feel great about being able to have time to give more referrals to my friend Anna, who will add value for my clients by helping them reach their goals.”

Lisa Ferrer
Haling For Everyone


"The Certified Networker® three day intensive workshop was truly a life changing weekend. 

"Not only did I come away with a mission statement and a clearer understanding of my target market but I am now connected to the ‘Why’ I do what I do. This has given me a clearer focus and a renewed energy.


Julia Watada, Owner
Watada Studios

Maile provides understanding, clarity, and entertainment while teaching about how to approach the giving and receiving of referrals.

Lorrie Nicoles, Independent Chocolatier
Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Maile put the "Aha" in the basics of why referrals are the best way to grow business and how to take action.

Mark Bush, Telecommunication and Home Services Specialist

Maile's presentation helped me cross the bridge from good ideas and theory to targeted action and behavior. I now have a clear agenda, rather than vague intentions, concerning the growth of my business.

Jeremiah Dees, CSCS
Principal Fitness Coach

I am very excited to learn a system where I can generate predictable referrals for my business on an ongoing basis.

David Daniels, Owner

It’s great to have a structure for the referral process that I can go back to. It gives me more confidence.

Susan Brand, Principal
Brand Design

"Excellent way to learn the networking basics to boost your business!"

Melissa Percivalle, Owner
Event Savvy

"Maile's class is well worth 2.5 hours of your time. We might think we know how to market our business and develop relationships, but this class gives a whole new perspective on strategically building referral alliances. Great investment of time."


"Awesome! Totally over the top! Excellent value! Thank you!"

Lee Sherwood, President
Frontline Electrical Services

"Referral Success 101 was presented in a very organized manner. Maile shared tips that were both helpful and an eye opener. It was clear to me that there is a carefully structured plan in place to educate professionals across various industries to create/increase a referral based business. I highly recommend joining a session as Maile's tips are very helpful."

Pouneh Vafaeenia, Financial Advisor

“Very interesting, with a lot of real life solutions to marketing challenges that I can implement today! I will be meeting with Maile again.”

Linda Weihofen, Reverse Mortgage Specialist